John Maley Collegiate Baseball Showcase, JMCBS, is an organization designed to provide evaluation and showcase baseball camps for high school athletes who desire to play baseball at the next level. Our camps are structured to provide information and instruction to help the athletes with their overall game as well as to help parents with questions about college options.

As a former Division 1 coach, I know what the college coaches need in order to make a decision on a prospective student athlete. With this in mind, I have structured these camps to maximize the opportunity for a coach to observe the players and for the players of showcase their talents.

A JMCBS Camp is no ordinary camp; there are highly qualified coaches making notes during the entire camp and heavily scrutinizing individual talents and abilities. Our responsibility during the camp is to evaluate and instruct as well as to give the players every opportunity to showcase not only their mechanics and velocities, but also their abilities in game situations.

JMCBS camps are set up to evaluate every aspect of the game. The evaluation process includes assessments on speed, outfield, infield, catcher, pitcher and hitting. Velocities are measured, as well as catcher pop times and middle infield double play times.
JMCBS are not mega camps. They are restricted to the first 60 players who sign up. This gives each player every opportunity to show their talents multiple times during the camp.

Following the individual evaluations, mini clinics are conducted by the college coaches. These include hitting, pitching, all defensive positions and base running. A controlled game will then be conducted by college coaches that will include instruction as well as interaction with the players. During this game, the pitchers will be evaluated as well as the other players under game situations.

In addition, a seminar about the transition process from high school to college for the parents will be conducted by college coaches of various levels. The seminar is designed to cover all aspects of the transition process in an effort to give the parents a clear idea as to what the process entails. The parents will be encouraged to ask questions during the seminar.

At the conclusion of the camp, JMCBS evaluators will prepare an analysis in their area of expertise on each of the campers. These reports will be compiled into one report for the player, which will be forwarded within 30 days of the completion of the camp.

JMCBS camps are held each year in January and June. Visit our Next Camp Link
to get the specific dates, times and locations.